Daydreaming Place

…or…”Where the mind wanders when you have five minutes to kill while watching a train pass”.

My attention span is difficult at best to keep a hold of and when an opportunity presents itself to daydream or let my mind wander – it usually does! So yesterday, I thought to myself as I was watched the train go by hypnotically – why not start a blog?

And so begins what I hope to be a fun and inspiring way to share ideas, travel tips, stories and other nonsense. Welcome to my blog.

Enjoy and talk soon!

(p.s. – I get my best ideas and make some random decisions when I daydream. Where do you do your best daydreaming or what bright ideas have you come up with while daydreaming?)

2 thoughts on “Daydreaming Place

  1. Great first post. Can’t wait to see where you’re daydreaming takes you. As you know, I’m daydreaming of Kenya. Now fullfilling the dream is more difficult. Only answer I have now is a) win lotto, which means actually buying a ticket and b) put more money into developing my son’s hockey skills so they can “go professional”. They’ve already said “when I make it big” I’ll buy you …. (fill in gap). All good if they work hard and ultimately remember their promise to their darling mother.

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