Brian Skerry: Underwater Photojournalist

Blue Whale SharkBrian Skerry has the ultimate job(s). Not only is he an Explorer in Residence for the New England Aquarium, he’s also hired for his mac-daddy photography skills (by the likes of National Geographic), to go diving and take photos of the marine life in some of the most pristine diving conditions on earth. Sign me up!

He’s spent over 10,000 hours underwater and shares his experiences with captive audiences around the world.

Keep up with Skerry on the Global Explorers Blog (and discover some other equally inspiring explorers while you’re there).

Here are some of  Skerry’s photos – wow!

Sharks caught

Colourful fish

Turtle Struggle

Shark in Mangrove Nursery

Table Coral

Diver and Humboldt Squid

Amazing. I’m seriously juiced.

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