Wall Decals: Not Just For Kids Anymore

Remember when wall decals were all about the latest superhero to come with your cereal box? Well they’ve grown up! Imagine these in your home office, in a den, the music room, the playroom, a craft wall, or even your man cave.


Donkey Kong Re-Stik by Nintendo

Blik Wall Decals are just as fun in adult-sized rooms as they are for pint-sized people. These funky and fresh designs are either ready to order or can be customized for one-of-a-kind spaces including libraries, art centres, commercial offices, hotels, recreation centres, retail spaces and studios.


Animals Alphabetized

Use them if you want to add a splash of something special to a corner of your room, as a focal point on a feature wall or to set the mood in a transition space like a hallway or stairwell.

The Great Animal Hunt

Boy in the Weeds

Asteroid by Atari

Birds of a Feather

To Scan a Forest

Cinematic Prayers


King of the Jungle

Tron: Legacy - Battle

Race Ya - Re Stik

Stone Jungle

All photos courtesy of Blik Wall Graphics.

Like what you see? Check out their full 2011 LookBook.

If my walls weren’t already covered in artwork, I’d have a decal or two in my office. Where would you put one?

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