Melting, Drips And Bubbles – Getting Creative With Mirrors

At first I did a double-take. What is that? Then I realized that what appeared to be a slow-moving drip of liquid metal on the wall was actually a mirror. If you’re looking for a conversation piece to give as a gift or to display in your home then the Mizukagami Water mirrors will do the trick. Designed by ad agency expert Rikako Nagashim and acrylic designer Hideto Hyoudou, the mirrors look as if they’re melting off the walls and table edges or pooling on the floor (though I’m not sure how functional they’d be on the floor unless you were using them to stare at the ceiling or up women’s skirts!).

Close up of a dripping Water Mirror

Water Mirrors dripping off table edges. That's a conversation piece over dinner!

Close up of Water Mirror

Interesting decorative idea?!

Then there are speech bubble mirrors created by Nakamura Kengo for Delivery Works. These are fun in any home. I can’t wait until these are available for purchase. I’m not relying on Google’s translation engine to tell me when and where I can order these so if you happen to understand Japanese, please let me know!! 🙂

Nakamura Kengo's Speech Balloon Mirrors for Delivery Works. Fun!

Close up of Nakamura Kengo's Speech Ballon Mirrors for Delivery Works

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