About Me

I love a good adventure as often as possible – Photo courtesy Tess Cabrera

Well hello there! My name’s Grace and thanks for checking out my journal of guilty pleasures.

I’m a Creative Director in digital media but my interests cover a wide variety of topics.

This is primarily a collection and forum for my daily ramblings and wanderings in things that juice me including scubadiving, photography, travel, art, design (including my work portfolio), planet earth and the people that live on it.

My promise to you:

1. Buzzword-free zone. (At least not intentionally or if only in the name of mocking them or perhaps even to demystify them – meaning WTF??.)

2. Will do my darndest to keep it clean (but I have the short fuse of a faulty lightswitch and it makes its way on here in the form of profanity every so often. I can’t help it. Seriously.)

3. Everything is posted with the intention of inspiring, challenging or getting all of us to be less apathetic and to go out and grab life by the cojones.

That is all.

Peace out brothers and sisters!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Grace, I am excited of your underwater picture collection. Where is your home currently? Greetings from Berlin, Germany, Jaroslav

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